Review: Miggö Pictar One iPhone Camera Grip

August 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm 0 comments

A $100 accessory that aims to improve your iPhoneography.

Trick Out Your Dorm With Cool Gear Even Students Can Afford

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Upgrade your dorm with a Roku Express, Aeropress, smart light bulbs, and more without going broke.

Nokia’s New Phone Ushers In the Unfortunate Era of the ‘Bothie’

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You like taking selfies and regular photos. Get you a phone that can do both… at the same time.

This Stress-Free Fish Tank Lets Plants Do the Cleaning

August 16, 2017 at 11:00 am 0 comments

Startup Back to the Roots makes a self-cleaning, plant-growing aquaponic fish tank.

Meet Hexa, a Six-Legged Insectile Robot That's Just As Creepy As It Sounds

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It’s not designed to remind you of an insect, though. It’s meant to bring robot hacking to the masses.

8 Cool Notebooks to Help You Write Right

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Upgrade from the basic spiral bound with one of these stylish notebooks.

Ikea's Home Smart Line Could Shake Up the Smart Home Industry

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Only one product line. Not many features. And a blueprint for every smart home company out there.

Cramped Apartment? Try Ori's Transforming, Robotic Furniture

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A new concept from startup Ori makes shape-shifting furniture transforms your living space on demand.

How to Stay in the Moment: Take a Picture

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When people take photos of things they’re interested in, they tend to focus on those things more intently.

Review: Aer Fit Pack 2

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Aer’s upgraded backpack can accommodate your essentials plus your gym stuff.